OG History

The brief history of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. at Florida Atlantic University can be traced back to “The Beginning” where the vision and determination of two courageous individuals planted the seeds of inspiration for later generations.  After a brief hiatus “The Revival” reinvigorated the ideals set forth in Phi Nu Pi.  Although the road to Kappa is rough and rocky there were four that chose “The Hardway” into Kappa Land. After which a new degree of perfection was brought forth as “The X Factor”. With strong ideals of purpose, commitment and determination “Stealth Mission V” emerged from the shadows into the light of Kappa Land. Using the guiding light of Achievement the “Diamonds of Fortune” made their way into the bond. The legacy continued with the “Kamaloka”. The Millennium closes out with the Bothers of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated Leading the way for all.
Omicron Gamma Founders:

  • Daniel Crawford
  • Elijah Fequiere
  • Rodney Gabriel
  • Tremayne Hunter
  • Antonio Martez
  • Chadwick Mullings
  • Curtis Roberts
  • Jerry Sage
  • Ricardo Smith
  • Ainsworth J. Spence Jr.
All have helped to establish a long and proud tradition that has endured. Despite numerous hardships and set backs the brothers inspire subsequent groups of young men who would endeavored to continue to fulfill the OG legacy. With newly established history there remains many lofty goals still yet unattained. As the years progress we will continue the work of those Ten Great Men that started the journey before us in 1911. With their purpose of Honorable Achievement every field of human endeavor.


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